Alí Primera's biography.

"I'm a fly and I'm a bee".

System won't subdue me,
You don't frighten me, mister government.

In 1967, jailed in Las Brisas cells, close to many student companions, due to the Raúl Leoni's government "high police measures", after the breaking and entering of our Central University, I could verify something that would mark me forever, for the rest of my life: when music is put to ride in her verses where the protagonist is the man made combat, when the named love that is not longer the individual one, the innermost, but the solidary love for every human being, when the verse in addition to amusing provides reflexive and conscientious elements, when the song fulfils these characteristics, I repeat, it becomes a popular weapon.

Popular weapon that defends people against trans-education that denies its identity and its libertarian memory, song that helps to support the hope of more deign and solidary fatherland, in a most Bolivarian fatherland. Since that moment (1967) and maintaining a deepest commitment with my revolutionary militancy, which was begun in 1959, I have gone one way, accompanied by the song and accompanying song, with an active presence in the combats that it has gone releasing my people, not owning the leader role but seeking that from its own bosom borns his forefront.

But since that moment I've got to face all the dangers and distasteful situations that as singer I have found. I understand as singing not only the one who writes and sings songs but the one who arms with his militant and solidary conduct the same singing, the one who doesn't deal with the enthusiasm that singing arises in the people but the one who works every day to organize that enthusiasm, that awoken conscience, in a popular movement where people becomes from a submissive spectator of its reality to an active figther in order to transform this.

That's the reason our singing doesn't belong to a political party but to the whole people, that's why our singing isn't exercised only by one singer but by a collective of singers with different styles but searching a same goal: to be a strong support in our people's identity and to be impulse in our popular culture development, you landlords of the system, of the government, dislike this:

To incorporate into this beautiful work AD and COPEI parties militant bases, because it is obvious the existing demarcation between the bases of those parties and their leaderships, that they have tricked and lied so much that they have made of democracy, by which people fought for, a grotesque parody where corruption, exclusion, illiteracy, personal insecurity, unemployment, are the most highlighted results.

The fact that we do not get a single cent when we sing to the people, and when we charge an economical entry the net result of these is invested to help cultural groups and centers, to create popular institutions, in solidarity with the peoples that you, denying our own people and its beautiful libertarian history, slaughtered; and also why not say it? In solidarity with the vanguard organizations of our people.

That our economic survival is obtained only from the copyright royalties resulted from the publication of our disks. That they become anger, furthermore, that a high percentage of those royalties are provided to the development of other singers (at recording level) without obtaining anything else but the profit of the happiness remaining to the man that has complied with his work.

That this attitude is pushing us to live in such a simple and modes way, as any worker could live, if you did not exercise so inhuman exploitation over him.

That we are openly antiimperialists I'm a fly and I'm a beeand anticolonialists and that this conduct is not but the result of a deep and beautiful inheritance of the thought of our liberator Simón Bolivar thought.

That we denounce them to you as hypocritical, demagogues and lying when they invoke the sacred name of the Fatherland and that they are the originators of the fact that an immense majority of human beings that form it are living with privations, with the denial of their most elemental rights (to vote is not the only one right that Democratic Fatherland demands ). The man becomes unworthy when is tricked and a lackeies Fatherland can not be the Fatherland dreamt by Simón Bolivar.

That we've got a deep faith on our people and by which we are Fly and Bee. Fly because we will insert ourselves into the shit if it is necessary in order to defend it and to take out it and bee because we miss and we sing to the flower of victory. The singer can not sing only to the flower, but when time arrives he must sing also against the shit and call it by its name.

You and the intellectuals play the dumb when singers are attacked, they know that we do not form any salvation army of pure art, but we put our work in a political process that pushes us to say without any complex:


You displease the fact that, without godfathers, neither artistic representatives, we may had divulged our song all over the world and had respected and to observe that we had exercised this role with the humility and simplicity of those who know that there is no greater poet that the same people.

You displease the fact that we walk the road we have had to walk calling brother to every man, because we do not request political carné to feel friendship and love for the human beings, but only a deign brow and a solidary hand. You displease that we are without bitterness, without paranoias, that we may have forgotten the tortures that we have received at a personal level or that at least their memories do not disturb us neither convert us into heavy and ruminant beings beacuse of the tragic.

You displease that those who have heroically fallen in this combats road are a commitment for us, a challenge, a beautiful stimulus without for that reason our song becomes "funereal", you know that we do not forget. You displease that all those who are today political prisoners (in the jails you build) by pushing to the highest risk the right of calling theirselves patriots are also our brothers and that we are not afraid about making active our solidarity with them. You know that we are not afraid.

Those and other are the reasons that push you mister system and to you mister government to undertake so heavy and vile measures as the following:

The calumny through the media where we are shown exhibiting wealth that only fit in your mercantilist, for instsance: luxurious properties, huge bank accounts, luxurious cars, etc.

To avoid by any means that we procure the sites where we carry out our events, without adevertisig that these are organized by the same people and furthermore, that all the public premises (cultural or sports) belong to the people and not to you.

You perform fascist escalades rises where we appear as terrorists who "attempt against family, good manners, private property and the western culture". Just remember what you made in Maturín four years ago where in addition to painting the city walls against me, attempted to kill me.

But though this uncertainty situation you want to involve me and my family, I want to say you the following:

I feel a deep love for life, but I will face the death you want to give me with entirety (if you've decided thus).

I do not carry out clandestine work, I go with a high front and an open chest complying with my people's singer duty.

The only weapon I possess is my song and the support of my people, I have a deep faith in the humanity and in the challenge it must face. Defeat those who bring hunger and wars our planet.




Alí Primera.
3th May, 1982.

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