The Poors and Dogs' Lord's Prayer.
Leonardo Boff.


Very early, as every morning,
children dispute with dogs
around the garbage bin.
They move and shift,
remove and put
the garbage food remains.
And they share with dogs
the garbage rotten bread.

In a contemptible,
heartless world,
this is the form God found out
to pay attention to the prayers
of the hungry small wretched: "
Give us this day the daily bread"

From that day on,
bread there in house (I say and I don't lie)
was not the same.
Due to the starving
it was a bitter bread,
full of poors' blasphemies
which are pleas to God.

And it only became sweet and good
when it was shared (quite frank)
with those starving
Children and dogs.

Taken from the book: "A caixa de lixo que Deus nao tem" ("Embers under the ashes") Leonardo Boff.

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