Message to the christians.

Camilo Torres

The christian is son of the truth and his attitude must be truthful. He should not assail against wind windmills but he shouldn't hide either his head as the ostrich of the fable. Neither an innocent ilufsionism, nor a fearful realism. To be Christian means to stoke everything for truth without be frightened if its route carries to the cross...

In front of a "revolution under way" it's impossible to stay neutral... We do not see how can an authentically Christian attitude be conciliated with an extreme anti-revolutionary attitude, opposed to the radical and urgent change of structures.

It's required a deep and integral change of structures, an urgent change that give response to the panting and rabid desire of the masses.

And the masses are availability, they are under way.

Don't be opposed to this march, yet more, sponsor it involves evidently a risk (nobody can know exactly where the revolution ends), but the life is risk and the christianity is not a safeties docks religion but of generous insanities. What is important - this has to be the imperative of christianity nowadays - is the sincerity, the veracity, the loyalty.

Published in the catholic magazine "Mensaje ("Message"), directed by Jesuits priests, among those appear the eminent sociologist Vekemans) and Zañartu (economist) as principal counselors, núm. 115, p.592


Most recent revision: March 27th, 2002.