Message to the people.

Camilo Torres

The one who tells you don't join the fight against unjustice, that's a landlord.

The one who obligates you to kep rebellion, that's a landlord.

The one who pawns to prevent your freedom, that's a landlord.

The one who insinuates you to hate people who fight for you, that's a landlord .

The one who suggests you to persecute your brothers by political or religious differences, that's a landlord.

The one who preaches to you and gives you a false teaching against your fairy fight, that's a landlord.

The one who stablishes that any of yoursprogresist actions attempt against Church, that's a landlord.

The one who tells you that by being christian you shouldn't go by upset ways of justice, that's a landlord.

¡Break the masks!

¡Tread on the masks!

The fight isn't against faith but taking up your faith duties.

It's not against Christ but against settle Christ's justice and efficient love thinking.

Your fight is against truth but for Truth, that is Christ, Son of God, essential Truth.

From solidarity absence and from union derives the tragedy of the colombian infrastructure and this is how as it's the most numerous block, results at last the weakest, the most neglected and the most exploited.

People haven't yet understood this slogan:

Everybody possesses dignity and inalienable rights. It is unworthy that a human being be in misery, dies by hunger or by malnutrition, that he does not may have access to culture or is exploited.

No! Misery is not Christian.

No! Hunger is not Christian.

No! The exploitation of the man by anpther the man is not Christian,

No! No colonialism, no imperialism, is Christian.

No! No opression is Christian.

Every God's creature has right to means of production to live, to a roof where he can shelter and to a land for working it.

The matter is not to reduce property to the restricted use of possessions. It's considered that property may fulfills its social purpose in function of the common well.

From slavery situation we must arrive to freedom.

From misery situation there's right to achieve a situation of no misery .

We must go from the human being's exploitation to the man's total values free exercise.

And cross from conformism to constructive unconformism.

There's justice and the charity in the middle:

Charity, because inside it man's dignity is safeguarded as human person and as God son, within a Christian context.

Both of them constitute the bases of the common well.

But, what's the common well?

Response demands a deprture from John XIII's postulate: "In every human well organized and fertile living together we must put as basis the principle that every human being is 'persona' (people), this is, a natural endowed intelligence and free will and, by so much, of the same nature directly born at the same time rights and duties that being universals, they are also absolutely unalienated.

The own Juan the Good, defines common well in the Mater et Magistra thus: "It is the set of social conditions that let and favor in human beings the integral development of their persons".

Among other elements common well demands, fits to list the following:

Taken from "Ética Social" ("Social Ethics"), Bogotá, 1964.


Most recent revision: March 27th, 2002.