Message to the women.

Camilo Torres

The colombian woman, as the woman in every underdeveloped country has been always in inferiority conditions in relation to man and society. These conditions vary according to the living standard living of the people.

Within the popular class woman has many duties of material kind and almost no spiritual right. The highest literacy degree belongs to popular class women. They have to work severely in the hidden, but sometimes very hard labors of the home and smaller industries (orchards, porks, hens, dogs, etc.) without consideration of the maternity inconveniences and responsibilities.

The working class woman doesn't enjoy social protection and neither legal. When, in a country as ours, the man harassed by poverty, unemployment, and faced to the overwhelming responsibilities of a numerous family, falsely sheltered in occasions in the vices, abandons the home, woman must face all the charges of this. How many workers are found, during the work hours, closed with a padlock, full with semi-nude children and semistarving who wait their mother arrival from work to receive something to eat.

The middle class woman is also exploited by the employers. It is possible that, within this class, relationships with the husbands will be more equitable. However, these families could not subsist without women's work and we know that workers women, the clerk, the employee, suffers exploitation and pressure from any kind by the boss.

The high class woman must pretend with idleness, at stake of cards and social meetings, the lack of intellectual and professional opportunities that exists in our society. The censorship does not come but over her supposing she comets any mistake in this matter. Though the law consecrates equal rights and duties, in the reality this equality does not exist.

In politics, the popular class men have been up until now led according to the oligarchy's caprice. The abstention has been the first rebel yell of a whole class that does not rely on the the directing class lies.

There already exist other unification and organization symptoms of dissatisfaction. However, oligarchy, as an octopus, begins to extend its tentacles toward the Colombian women. The men of this class have given her the right to vote in order to continue using them as instruments.

With all this, the Colombian woman has values of human person and she is not simply an instrument. The Colombian woman has the conscience of be exploited not only by the society, as most of the Colombians, but also by the man. The Colombian woman has struggle discipline, she has shown generosity in her fight for the others, has more resistance to physical pain. The Colombian woman, as every woman, has more feeling, more sensibility, more intuition. All these qualities, in a first stage, should be exalted and in the service of, not the oligarchies neither the men, but of a revolutionary ideal converted into the woman's ideal.

On the other hand, woman has seen with more intuition maybe as men have been tricked with electoral ballots and parties fights. The Colombian woman has not been infected yet with an selfish power temptation. Oligarchs want to infect her but they don't know that if colombians have got "indigenous sharpness", women got it deeper. They know very well that the vote is the new exploitation way that oligarchy has created and because of that she gets out to squares shacking for higer and more patriotics ideals. The colombian woman gets ready for the revolution. She has been and will be revolutionary man's support. She is linked to the revolution by th heart. If any revolutionary man has a woman who knos how to support, understand amd help him, we'll have more men decided to joins the fight. After made the revolution, woman will know that rights and duties equalty will not remain only as dead letter on a paper, but it will be a reality that she, as popular and revolutionary force, could guarantee.

Divorce and birth control problems that the Colombian woman thinks she's able to solve within a conformist and hardship system, could not be solved but within a regime that observes the people conscience and the individual, familiar and social rights. They will not be solved but when there is a State that has real autonomy and at the same time respects with relation to the ecclesiastic hierarchy.

The Colombian woman has the sufficient generosity as to straddle her personal problems within a widest ideal, where these will be solved without neglecting the other needs of their fellow beings.

This ideal will not be able be but in the accomplishment of an authentic Colombian revolution.

Published in the weekly "Frente Unido", No. 8, October 14, 1965.


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