Ernesto Cardenal.

Ernesto Cardenal was born in Nicaragua in 1925. Philosophy and Letters graduate, UNAM, Mexico (1942-1947); northamerican literature education in Columbia University, New York. He studies in the Benedictine Monastery of Cuernavaca, México, in this period (1959-1961) he starts collecting material and writing Canto Cósmico (Cosmic Song).

He is ordained in 1965 as priest after his experience in a Trappist monastery trapense in Kentucky, United States. It founds the Community of Solentiname, with William Agudelo and Carlos Alberto. He combatted Somoza's dictatorship and was appointed Nicaragua's Minister of Culture in 1979 and later on Culture Institute Chairman of the Ministry of Education up to 1990.

There are among his works: Epigramas (Epigrams) (1961), Oración por Marilyn Monroe y otros poemas (Prayer for Marilyn Monroe and other poems) (1965), El estrecho dudoso (The doubtful strait) (1966), Homenaje a los indios americanos (Homage to the American Indians) (1966), Ernesto Cardenal en Cuba (Ernesto Cardenal in Cuba) (1977), Canto cósmico (Cosmic Song) (1988), Los ovnis de oro (The Golden Ovnis), Quetzalcóatl (Quetzalcoatl).

The doubtful strait describes scenes about the Spanish ambition on Central America during the XVI century and the role Nicaragua and its fluvial arteries play in the barbead bandits' sacker route.

Our Meso-American peoples magic is captured in The Golden Ovnis. Working non money-addict peoples, which lived with nature until they were "liberated" on behalf civilization or syphilisation?

Pro and anti perspectives towards Cuban Revolution are nested in this book-documental pages from the trip Cardenal made to the largest Antillean island in the 70's. Ernesto Cardenal in Cuba (1977). Many things have changed since then and many others will come.

Quetzalcatl is a a brief but substantial book about religion, war in the life of the peoples seated in current Mexico. Cardenal's style gives us one vision in which the current United States militarists or from any other nationality could easily had been Aztecs. The weakness to dominate weak peoples has apparently no paternity.

In Cosmic Song there is given an exquisite combination of events in the history of the blended Latin American peoples mixed with stellar and galactic passages. Inside little things there are huge concepts and Cardenal speaks about Revolution and Faith, uppercase, because when the word is action the noun becomes verb and then Revolution and Faith acquire a meaning.


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