The gallery of Ernesto Che Guevara

Here are several photos and images related to comandante Ernesto Che Guevara surrounding all eras of his life. There are some photos that someone took when he was an argentinian boy, his travels around Latin America, the guerilla, as the revolutionary that acquires the cuban citizenship, his journey in the Congo, his death in Bolivia.

His second wife, Aleida March, who met in Cuba. It was in the city of Cabaiguán where Che spoke in front the cuban people for the first time. A great friend of Che: Camilo Cienfuegos. The congoleses called him It seems he was very hunger when this photo was taken. With Fidel Castro. Playing baseball.
In Bolivia. Photo taken by Raúl Corrales in 1959. Smilling. well, he was not ugly. Here, thinking. Even Che drank Coke. During Camilo's birthday party, his first son. He was 16 years old here. In Argentina. So? In his wedding with Aleida March on June 2nd, 1959. Painting of the most famous Che Guevara photo.
The last photo with his family. From left to right: Ernesto (the minor son), Che Guevara, Camilo, Aleida (the first daughter), Celia (the minor daughter) and his wife Aleida March. Taken in Cuba, March 1965. Che's figure resists any attempt to merchandize it. With Hilda, daughter of his first wife, in La Habana. Photo of the passport he used in his second travel around Latin America. With his mother. Taken in January 9th, 1959. From the USA magazine The most famous Che Guevara's. Taken in August 5th, 1960 by Alberto Korda during the tribute to the victims of the attack to the belgium ship
In Alta Gracia, Argentina in 1933. His dead body in the laundry building in Vallegrande, Bolivia. Taken by Freddy Alborta in October 10th, 1967. With his work uniform in a suit ocean in the United Nations, December 1964. Taken in October 20th, 1972 during the second anniversary of the Comunist Youth Union. He was ironic even when seated. An animation of Che. Che Guevara Che Guevara speaks at UN.
Che Guevara, with Raúl and Fidel Castro. Che Guevara with his parents at the airport of La Habana. Ernesto Guevara at 2 years old. Che Guevara speaking in the University of La Habana. During a conference to the comunist youths. Due to the asthma, it was not common that he enjoyed the swimming pools. In his early times he played rugby.
Che's girlfriend, in Argentina. Ernesto Guevara in his Medicine class. With hid friend Alberto Granado in the River Amazonas. On the bicycle he would use to travel around Latin América. Cuban 3 pesos bill with Che's picture. Cuban 3 pesos bill with Che's picture during the sugar cane harvest. Book about Che
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