Poors Party Communique.
Poors Party.

"Guerrero Mountains, August 26, 1972"

We inform that the 23 day of the current month, members of the Execution Peasant Brigade attacked the dictatorship's army headed by Luis Echeverría Álvarez and Hermenegildo Cuenca Díaz. It is one more attack the oppressed do as the beginning of the new Revolution that will overthrow the millionaires and the gringa1 domination in our Fatherland.

In this combat, we killed 18 soldiers, seized 20, including 9 injured, whom we let free after explaining them the ideals of the Pobrista2 Revolution. We collected 41 weapons, between them 11 FAL guns with 5 chambers each one; 23 7.62 guns; 4 M-2 carbines; including one that was burnt in a truck we set fired; 2 .45 pistols and 2 grenades. Furthermore, we obtained knapsacks, watches, covers, medicines, nourishment and sufficient charge for all the captured weapons.

With motive of the previous assault of June 25, women, peasant and students who are innocent in relationship with the combats have been tortured, killed or jailed. This August 23 it was proved that the responsible are free and we are making justice by our own hand against the oppressive army.

We have not suffered any loss. When one of us dies, we will inform the truth to the People who we serve, for who we are ready to die and for whose support we will defeat the bad government.

By the Execution Peasant Brigade of the
Lucio Cabañas Barrientos.- Isidro Castro F.- Enrique Velázquez Fierro.- Agustín Álvarez Río.


  1. Gringa: Derivated of the United States
  2. Pobrista: It refers to the Partido de los Pobres, created by Lucio Cabañas.

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