Poors Party Ideology .
Poors Party.


The Poors Party, an organization that has born from the deepest insides of the Mexican People and which faces danger day by day, is consolidated and developed in the struggle and in the revolutionary armed war of the exploited against the exploiter, exposes in general terms the main essential objectives that base their raison d'être, conduct and performance.

Our principles and essential objectives are:

1.- Fight consequently with the weapons in the hand close to all the revolutionary armed organizations, close to our working People and make the socialistic revolution; conquer the political power; destroy the exploiter and oppressive bourgeois state; build a proletarian state and form an all-workers government; build a new society, without exploited neither exploiter, without oppressed nor oppressive.

2.-Destroy the capitalistic system; abolish the private property, base and essence of human exploitation; annihilate the bourgeoisie as a privileged class, exploiter and oppressive, since the capital and the wealth accrued and concentrated in its hands has been created by the work, the sweat and the blood of the working class, of the peasants and of all the workers. Consequently, it will be recovered the historical justice of the working class, of the peasants and of many workers organizations. What has been created by people's work and sacrifice, it must belong to the People...

3.- Consequently, after of the armed victory of the Socialistic Revolution and the takeover of the political power by the People, the structure of the exploiter socio-economic system will be destroyed and conquered the economic power; for this, they will be expropriated and socialized the industrial, commercial and agricultural companies and the financial institutions, etc., today in the bourgeoisie hands. When the factories become expropriated and socialized, the means and instruments of production, the natural resources, the banks, etc., they will be managed by the own workers and the proletarian state. External and internal trade will be under the control of the workers state, and the economic, political and social relationships with all the countries will have to be based on the fundamental interest of the peoples, on equality and minimal help.

4.- Exploitation and hardship in the country will be over; large rural estates, country estates and all the properties of the country capitalists will be expropriated. Land will be collectivized and managed by those who work it; the workers state will endow every peasant of machinery, technical, means and sufficient resources to increase production and the standard of living of peasants; land and production will be of those who work them.

5.- Large proprietaries of housings will be expropriated of them, and they will only be let what is necessary to live with dignity. The luxury mansions, the hotels, motels and holiday centers, today in power and in the service of the bourgeoisie, will pass to the hands of the workers.

6.- The large sanatoriums, consulting rooms and hospitals, drug stores and laboratories; the health centers and hospitals, they will be expropriated and in the service of the people to guarantee health and in order to avoid mortality by lack of medical care.

7.- Air, maritime and land transportation; communications: telephone, telegraph and mail, will be socialized and in the service of the society.

8.- The burgess culture, by its counter-revolutionary and incompatible kind towards the workers interests will be destroyed. The people will develop and create its own culture. The technique and the science that the capitalistic state uses to increase exploitation, oppression and death of the worker masses, will be in the service of the people to transform the country, to increase the production and the standard of living of the society. Education, culture, technique and science, will lose the commercial character in the new society. Education will be imparted and managed free by the revolutionary state to all the people in order to finish radically with the illiteracy, the ignorance and the cultural lag in which the capitalistic regime have maintained it; education will be scientific, that is to say, will be based strictly on the truth, on the materiality of the universe, the world and the society.

9.- Press, radio and television will be expropriated since they constitute one more bourgeoisie power instrument to submit and alienate the people, to distort the truth, to create untruthful moral and cultural values, to increase its earnings and wealth. When press, radio and television became expropiated, the state and the revolutionary Governments will take care of the direction and content of those information and communication mass media, whose fundamental goal will be guide, educate and increase people's conscience and revolutionary moral to help the training of the man new.

10. - The law and all the bourgeois legal system, that guarantee the private property and legalize the development of the bourgeoisie against the workers, will be abolished. The army and all the police corporations which form the repressive and criminal machinery, defenders and fundamental supporters of the state and the bourgeois order, will be destroyed. The proletarian state will create laws, principles and courts that express, represent and defend authentically the rights and interests of all the workers and of all the society, whose fundamental base will be the socialistic democracy that will consider all the workers with fullness rights and obligations and to put the woman on an equality plan before the man, before the work and before the society. The revolutionary state will consolidate and develop its own army and will arm all the people; the house of each worker will be transformed into a combat trench and each worker will be converted into a revolutionary soldier in order to defend the country from its internal and external exploiters. The people will not lay down the weapons until finishing with the last redoubt of development and with the last enemy of the revolution.

11.- Man's work will be exempt of any exploitation and oppression; he will not be longer a merchandise and it will not be considered as a curse, neither as a punishment, but as the rational and fundamental activity of the man routed to the infinite overcoming, to the nature transformation, to the creation of moral and spiritual values of society and to the production of material goods. Production and wealth will be fairly distributed, taking into account the interests and fundamental needs of all the workers.

12.- Mexican people's struggle for their full emancipation is integrating part of the international revolutionary movement for the total liberation of humankind. The artificial frontiers established and imposed by the exploiters to separate the peoples should be swept by the struggle and by the revolutionary internationalism. Because of this, we are fully identified and joined in solidarity with all the exploited peoples, with all the men and women that combat consequently all over the world against the common enemy: capitalism. We are profoundly mated with all the peoples that have achieved their political, economic and social emancipation and constitute a revolutionary example for us.

To reach and achieve the indicated objectives, the workers, must join immediately a war to the death and irreconcilable against the bourgeoisie, against capitalists; it is necessary to develop, deepen, and generalize the war of movements and rapid decisions and to spread guerilla warfare to all the country. Guerilla warfare will carry all the people to increasingly superior forms of struggle, until the general insurrection and takes it of the power, until destroying the bourgeoisie and to bury it together with its oppressive and exploitative capitalistic system.

The necessary historical, economical, political and social conditions to organize and develop the socialistic revolution in our country, are present. Exploiters' inmediate task is to join into armed clanestine organizations and act. The revolutionary theory and practice will have to create and generate the revolutionary general organization of vanguard, political and militarly capable of direct war and coordinate revolutionary actions.

Revolutionary practice consequently will have to define and unite revolutionaries and separate them from the opportunists, renegades, traitors, and burgueoisie agents in the revolutionary movement within.

We call all the revolutionaries to join, organize, arm and fight against the burgueoisie and against all the means and instruments they use to exploit and hold their power.

We call the workers to smash politically and physically the unions charrismo1, to take factories, transform them into insurrectional centers and fight for their historical goals.

We call the poor peasants to take through the weapons force the estates and lands at the hands of the country capitalists and consequently join the armed fight.

We call the combative students and the revolutionary intellectuals to convert schools and work centers into the combat trench for the socialistic revolution.

We call all the people to combat the capitalistic richs, everywhere these are found, attack their wealth and goods and destroy their police-military forces and their exploiter and oppressor system.

The duty of every revolutionary is to perform Revolution with the weapons in the hand.
Win or Die.

Mountains of Guerrero State, March, 1973.


1.- Charrismo.- It's a term used in the mexican slang to refer to all those union leaders who don't fulfill workers needs, join the corruption and work more as bourgueoisie agents than real workers representatives. Fidel Velázquez was in Mexico the most clear example of this definition.

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