¡Ya basta! XXI century nazis = The fascsist state of Israel

Access / Accesa.
Go ahead! / Adelante


PRIism without PRI, falsehood, hypocrisy, submission: a proyank government, a "value" government. ¿Are you liking the "change"? El PRIismo sin el PRI, falsedad, hipocrecía, sumisión: un gobierno proyanqui, un gobierno de "valores". ¿Te está gustando el "cambio"?

The perfect dictature.        La dictadura perfecta

Toda resistencia le estorba al gran capital.

  This is the kind of cooperation promoted by trade agreements between USA, Europe and Mexico 5 centuries and the conquest continues...Wake up!. This is not Mexico's image you had.

Any resistence hinders great capital.

Zionism=Fascism No more links with the fascist state of Israel NOW!!


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