To the students.
Lucio Cabañas

Mountains of Guerrero, January 20, 1974 (Letter 1)

We salute with enthusiasm and at the same time we sincerely congratulate you by the multiple actions you've performed for education improvement and for the impulse of people's revolutionary fight. Within the lineaments supported by the Poors Party for the new revolution running, there are the revolutionary works that you as students have done until this day, and by this reason we congratulate you and we invite you to go on.

We must remember that the main fight way in the current moment we live in, is the guerilla warfare in the mountains and in the large localities; but that armed struggle in guerilla warfare form can not victoriously advance if we don't help it with all the rest of struggle ways that can be applied. Each struggle way is like an arm of the people and who refuses to one or several of them when it's possible to apply them it's like when somebody folds people's arms so the bourgeoisie can hit it with more advantage. In this way, the Poors Party favours any struggle way that can be applied and worthy for the revolutionary movement. The struggle ways we don't accept are those that weaken the revolutionary fight when used, as the electoral fight in which we must not participate because people's vote is not respected and if bourgeoisie respected it, anyway we shouldn't descend from the mountains leaving there the arms. It must be understood, since we are thoroughly convinced that the socialistic revolution will be made fighting with the weapons, that without the war of the poors against the rich there will not be revolution, and what it is the same, to make war, any kind it will be, it is the main work and the most important that we must attend all those who propose ourselves the revolution. When the war borns it needs more forms of struggle to assist it and when war grew to the level of encompassing a large part of the people, it needs more forms of struggle because the people is incorporated to the war and almost there are no peoples to fight in a different way and also because the enemy is weaker and we could say that there is a so large weakness degree in the enemy that even with a hand we can fight him, when this can be applied is the moment in which bourgeoisie loses with only the regular war in full offensive and the general workers strike. This is the criterion the Poors Party has and its Execution Peasant Brigade and this direction line to our people is supported by six years without failures, which we carry armed in the Guerrero Mountains. For this reason we request you, students, to continue doing meetings, demonstrations, public and clandestine assemblies, painting banners and walls, but doing it with the people because a purely student movement has a smaller importance for the revolution, students who do not seek the people are not revolutionary; student movement that does not deal people problems, it is not revolutionary. Anyway, we want that all your acts serve to guide the people and the students justice toward develop war yet using the legal forms of struggle as you have done. But not only that, you can begin to form small clandestine armed groups that execute the bad government officials or chiefs or police commanders, or to perform banks robberies or kidnappings to millionaires. But doing armed actions should not be motive to resign to forms of struggle where many people participate legal or illegally; because people's mobilization wakes up the men and women who do not understand that revolution approaches.

We tell to you these things, because we already know that in the University of Guerrero is arriving the ultra-left-wing propagated by people who have never directed neither workers nor peasants, who have no revolutionary practice and whose head is full with read books; who tell you about the fact that the university is a factory, they give slogans on the mass movement already to use the weapons when it is hardly shaping; they speak or threaten to kill Poors Party companions just by the fact of not agree their insanity; therefore we request those ultra left-wingers to go to kill the enemies of the people, to arise the weapons against the bourgeois army that has killed students in October 2, and in June 10. To go to destroy jails and the millionaires mansions and not to destroy the University that it is house where at the same time fit the children of the revolution enemies, there also live the children of the peasant and worker people though in a few quantity.

In the Execution Peasant Brigade we admitted five ultra left-wingers on condition that they would try to strengthen the Poors Party and the Brigade; that they would be disciplined to the majority agreements and that we would give them all the freedom so they could spread their different points of view on the struggle; that when the majority supported their points of view we would put them in practice. In the early stages they showed as the best companions, but later they started to work hidden in order to change the Brigade Board and the Party so they could put one of them; by which the first expulsion was done. Later they continue bothering, calling in secret to group companions to tell them that the Board of the Party and the Brigade was a petit bourgeois board and that they did not use to discuss in a Brigade's full assembly because they never won a discussion. They began to launch separately propaganda against the Poors Party and to hold opinions that even a very ignorant peasant could refuse them as it happended when they told us that "the struggle is not against the government, the struggle is against the bourgeois state". We answered them that government is part of the bourgeois state and that all the revolutions have begun fighting against the government. They invited the highways workers to enter armed into Atoyac and to assault stores, when Atoyac has been always under state of siege. Of course, no worker obbeyed them; but they never accepted any critic neither they self-criticized, they always considered themselves as the only Mexico's revolutionaries and they have seen with slight other organizations. They deny any importance to the Poors Party, they say that within it tyranny is practiced, that there is a petit bourgeois board and that upon supporting the guerrilla warfare in the mountains it has fallen into militarism. We didn't expeled them because of the opinions, we expeled them of the Brigade because they were forming within the Brigade, in other group and in other Board, they worked in secret of who we direct and they tried to divide the armed group even when they acused somebody of being a policeman in order to sow distrust between us. There is an endless number of mistakes supported in their direction and we admitted them in our armed group to see if they learned and amended their steps from the contact with the people. All the groups that have come from other revolutionary organizations have agreed large part with us and many things have taught us and they have learnt from us. But the ultra left-wingers did not demonstrate modesty. They wanted to impose us their ideas and told us that we are "fucked" in all the Party Poors topics, since it is the word with the one which they mistreat other organizations in addition to call them or call us petit bourgeoises.

These elements we expeled, tried to deceive us as they told they members of the September Twenty-three organization. After they told us they were from the Partidaria Organization; the documents in those which they wanted us to base our direction with some mimeographed writtings with the names "Wood One" and "Wood Two". Two of them, just one was an excellent companion and whose name is well known, since it is Carlos Ceballos who was prisoner with Carmelo Cortés in Chilpancingo. Our affectionate greeting goes always to Carlos Ceballos. The expelled are now making disorientation labor in the University of Guerrero and only believe them those who have not lived together with the people; those who do not have any experience in dealing with the people let to be confused by the ultra left-wingers. If they get to kill our mass urban movement leaders, the Poors Party will be obligated to answer whoever: we will answer to the porros (hooligans), to the government, for any attempt against the life of the students or teachers; but it is painful to say this same against the ultra left-wingers we expeled and especially now that they want to kill companions just for not being in agreement with their ideas. The ultra left-wing only makes happy the government and the bourgeoisie, for those who fight in the mountains it is a sadness.

By the PDLP's Execution Peasant Brigade:
Lucio Cabañas Barrientos, Isidro Castro Fuentes, José Luis Orbe Ríos, Agustín Álvarez Ramírez, Enrique Velázquez Fierro.


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