I love justice and go to sacrifice for her.
Augusto César Sandino.

In view of the interest that my autonomists America brothers manifest to know something genuine about the soldier's biography Augusto C. Sandino, and forced by the calumnious campaign that many homeland sellers make on me in my own country that, accepting any sacrifice, I try to liberate, I take advantage of this opportunity to send you in synthesis some data on my interior life, which you can take advantage in the form that you like.

I was born at four o'clock in the morning of 188th May, 1895 in the town of Victoria, department of Masaya, Nicaragua. Two boys under 18 years were my parents. I knew the first letters in the public schools opened by General J. S. Zelaya, constitutional President in that time.

At twelve years I abandoned my parents and left in search of adventures. I traveled the main cities of Central and North America, as well as their best industrial centers, having remained for more time in Mexico.

I conserve a large number of records that prove my honest behavior, from the different companies in which I offered my services. It was mechanics the occupation in which I stood up.

During my staying far from my homeland I had never peacefulness in my spirit, because when I was able to know a place, I aspired for going to a better one, suffering everywhere a disillusion when imagining myself superior than the I was knowing. Also I admit that in our profane world I never found happiness, and for this reason, and in search of a spiritual comfort, I read mythological books and looked for religion teachers, having been the last of them the honorable Mister Justino Barbiauz who lives in Álamo, Ver., México.

I have always been lean towards read all that in my opinion is moral and instructive. One of the things I have got clear, according to my last observations and way of thinking, is that the men to who God has endowed a great mentality, fill with pride, not guessing me to understand why they forget they are mortal, incurring in the unforgivable crime of trafficking with justice and human meat as if they were a flock of pigs. Thus, it has arrived to so much debasement the ninety five percent of my compatriots.

I have also been able to understand that good doctrines are minimized and invoked by men without scruples, only to reach prebends, without caring them about Humanity neither God.

In summary, of the knowledge acquired by me one deduces that the man won't never be able to live with dignity deviated from the healthy reason and the laws that honour marks.

Consequently, adverting that the United States of North America, with the only right brute force gives them, seek to deprive us of our Homeland and our Freedom, I have accepted their unjustified challenge that intends to knock our sovereignty down, putting on my acts the responsibility before History. To remain inactive indifferent, as most of my fellow citizens, would be to add myself to the grotesque crowd of homeland killers merchants.

This way, my acts would justify me, since my ideal excels in a wide internationalism horizon.

I love justice and go to sacrifice for her. The material treasures don't exercise any power in my person; the treasures that I yearn to possess are spiritual.

Letter to a Froylán Turcios, dated in El Chipote 1st April, 1928. Español

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