Truth and Light Manifest.
Augusto César Sandino.

I manifest the members of the Nicaragua National Sovereignty Defender Army our manifiesto.

Divine drive is the one that encourages and protects o our Army, from its principle and thus it will be until its end.

That same impulse asks in Justice that all our brothers members of this Army begin to know in their own Light and Truth, the laws that rule Universe.

Well brothers:

All of you foresee a force superior than yourselves and the other Universe forces. That invisible force has many names, but we have known them with the name of God.

Surely among you there are many who have wanted to find the opportunity of who explains you those so beautiful things.

Well brothers:

What existed in the Universe, before things could be seen or touched, was the ether like unique and first substance of Nature (matter). But before the ether, that fills everything in the Universe, a great will existed; that is to say, a great desire to Be what it was not, and that we have known it with the name of Love.

Because of the explained it is allowed to see that the principle of all things is Love: that is to say God. He can also be called Universe Creative Father. The only daughter of Love, is the Divine Justice.

Injustice doesn't have any reason of existing in the Universe, and its birth was men envy and antagonism, before having understood its spirit.

But men incomprehension is only a traffic of the universal life: and when most of the humanity knows that they live for the Spirit, injustice will finish forever and only the Divine Justice will be able to reign: only daughter of Love.

Well brothers:

Many times you will have heard speak about a world's Final Trial.

For world's Final Trial one should understand the destruction of injustice over the earth and to reign the Light and Truth Spirit, that is to say, Love.

You will also have heard say that in this twenty century, that is to say the Lights Century, it is the time that the world's Final Trial was prophesied. Well brothers:

The century in question consists of a hundred years and we are already running on the first thirtyone; what means that that announced hecatomb will be defined in these last 69 years that lack.

It is not certain that Saint Vincent has to come to play trumpet, neither it is certain that the earth will explode and that later it would collapse; No. What will happen is the following thing:

That the oppressed peoples will break the humiliation chains, with which they have wanted us to have deferred the imperialists of the earth.

The trumpets that will be heard will be the war trumpets, intoning the oppressed towns freedom hymns against the oppressors' injustice.

The only one that will be sunk forever is injustice; and it will remain the Kingdom of Perfection, Love; with their favorite daughter the Divine Justice. Fit us the honor brothers: that we have been in Nicaragua the chosen ones for the Divine Justice, to begin the trial of injustice on the earth. Don't you fear my dear brothers; and be sure, very sure and very sure that we will have then our definitive victory in Nicaragua, with which the wick of "Proletarian Explosion" will be lightened against the imperialists of the earth. Sincerely your brother.

Nicaragua National Sovereignty Defender Army Headquarters.
El Chipotón, Las Segovias, Nic. C. A.
February, 1931, 15th Feb.
Homeland and Freedom



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