I come back to Nicaragua.
Augusto César Sandino.

I believe opportune to manifest that I was born in a little town of the Department of Masaya, May 18, 1895; that I grew up with privations until the indispensable, and that I never imagined that I would end up assuming, in the name of the Nicaraguan people, the attitude in which I am with the Nicaragua Sovereignty Defender Army. When I arrived to the Segovias, I still ignored the task that was waiting for me. The events have given me the attitude to be followed. I was leading in Mexico my material services to a yankee company, the Huasteca Petroleum Company, when I understood that I should come to Nicaragua to participate in the fight against the North American might.

There, near 1925, I wanted to believe that everything in Nicaragua had become disgrace and that the honor had completely disappeared in the men of that earth. In those same times, for my sincere character, I was able to join a group of spiritualistic friends with who day by day used to comment our Latin America towns submission, before the hypocritical advance, by force, of the murderer yankee empire. In one of those days I manifested my friends that if in Nicaragua had a hundred men who loved her as much as me, our nation would restore her absolute sovereignty, sett in danger for the same yankee empire. My friends answered me that there would possibly be in Nicaragua that number of men or more, but that the difficulty was in identifying ourselves. From that moment I wanted to look for those hundred men and the coincidence wanted me to assume the attitude in which I am seen, and in that attitude I continue observing, with the purpose of seeing where the Nicaragua's hundred legitimate children are. (…)

However, already in the events theater, I realized that the political leaders, conservatives and liberals, they are a ball of swines, cowards and traitors, unable to direct a patriot and gallard town. We have abandoned those directors and among ourselves, workers and peasants, we have improvised our bosses. Still in these days of so much light and example, the failed politician continue disputing the foreign whip caresses, and I eat dogs and cats from a sack, they are fighting to reach a presidency with the help of strange supervision; that we won't allow. The enraged ones say that Sandino and his army are bandits, which means that before one year the whole Nicaragua will be transformed into a country of bandits, since before that time, our army will have taken the national power reins, for the homeland's better luck. Nicaragua will be free only with shots and at cost of our own blood.


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