Political-military intervention of USA and dirty war in Colombia.
National Liberation Army, Colombia.

So, won't they intervene in the internal conflict?

With the visit made to the country this week by the chief of the south command of United States, General Charles Wilhelm, the North American interventionism is consecrated in the Colombian internal conflict.

In spite of the fact that General Wilhelm is determined to say once and again that USA won't intervene, the reality is that every day it puts its noses more and more directly:

Is not interventionism to say that, "the Army of Colombia has not been at the height to combat big guerilla formations, when it has been challenged in the field?"

Is not also interventionism to request support to several governments of the continent in order to make a multinational force to combat in the fields of Colombia the guerrilla?

Is not also interventionism to travel the forests of the Caqueta and Guaviare, approving to bomb indiscriminately the civilian population and its belongings, with the pretext of combatting drug traffic? Also, General, such a coincidence that with your visit to this region the paramilitary ones organized under the name of United Self-defenses of Colombia" (AUC) have declared to make a military offensive denominated the "Alcaraban".

¨What more interventionism than come to Colombia to attend the trainings of the Combined Task Force, integrated for more than 7.000 men? ¨What more interventionism than to maintain the United States more than 200 military parked in Colombia in "help missions ?"
¨What more interventionism than to continue forming every year near a thousand officials of the armed forces in the USA military schools, in counterinsurgency, security, intelligence and guerrillas' war courses?

Why do you insist General in explaining so much that the United States won't intervene in the internal conflict of Colombia"? When the river sounds... it carries stones.

What more interventionism than to play the deaf and the blind man in order to maintain -under the argument of the "war against drugs" - the political-military support to the Colombian state, when this has become the most criminal in the continent, in the largest violator of human rights and increaser of the drug-paramilitarism and drug-narcoterrorism?

General Wilhelm and the paramilitaries threw the offensive.

Coincidentally, after the visit general Wilhelm made, chief of the south command of USA to the south of the country, the paramilitary ones announced a military offensive, denominated the " Alcaraban ".

The selfdenominated United Self-defenses of Colombia (AUC)", located in the Casanare, Meta and Guaviare, through a press official statement they said that the offensive will be directed against the FARC Fronts that operate in this area of the country. According to the paramilitary ones they try to sit FARC and make them dialogue with the State after surrender weapons and without any type of conditions.

Puerto Alvira, another announed massacre.

To sow terror and the fear in the civilian population is part of a development stage of paramilitarism thought from the barracks and military brigades, in order to implant their genocidist project. The happened facts this week in Cano Jabón (or inspection of Puerto Alvira), Mapiripan municipality jurisdiction, south of the department of Meta, is an example how does this counterinsurgent project work based on the dirty war and supported structurally by the Colombian state's scums.

On last Monday the 200 paramilitaries, in a cowardice and barbarism act murdered 20 civilians, among them a child, and destroyed everything they found: the fluvial pier, on the Guaviare river, the commercial establishments and the runway.

These paramilitaries are expert in sowing terror, this time to demonstrate their force they made an operative together with the support of terrestrial and air force. Witnesses assure that the Army's ghost airplane flew over the area in the moment in that the massacre was made in Puerto Alvira.

And it is not the first time that thse paramilitaries act here, because since the middle of last year they arrived to this area located at the southeast of the Meta, in the border with the department of Guaviare, occasion in which they killed -according to Fiscalía data - 7 residents of the sidewalk The Cooperative.

¨What do the responsible for these teror facts say?".

The responsible for these crimes, as always, give disheveled explanations that can leave from murderers minds:

For the general brigadier Freddy Padilla de León, commander of the VII Brigade of the Army, with headquarters in Villavicencio, one of the drivers of this massacre from their barracks, since the middle of the week the facts were just rumors. Then he said that the massacre obeyed a fight among FARC's Front 44 and the Peasants Self-defenses of Cordoba and Uraba. And later on, on Friday, he cynically dared to affirm -together with the other criminal major general of the army Mario Hugo Galán - that the troops of the CounterGuerilla Battalion No. 7 faced the same authors of the massacre of Puerto Alvira and that the confrontations are against guerillas of FARC's Fronts 11 and 39", wanting with this to wash the hands (bloody and criminals) and to toss responsibility of what happened to the guerrilla.

It is also responsible for the fact, the Commander of the air force of the Apiay Base, colonel Jair Perdomo who had the control of the ghost airplane.

President Samper -as usually- after his troops make crimes he announces "search blocks and reaction and intelligence operations ."

Finally, the defense minister, Gilberto Echeverri, another co-responsible for the massacre, said that the armed forces have physical inability to cover all the convulsed areas of the country". Of course, minister, if you have your troops slaughtering civilian population they don't have enough the number of soldiers.

Human Rights defenders had already announced the massacre.

The accusations made several months ago by the Human Rights defenders organisms evidence the total responsibility of the state in this massacre. The texts of the letters sent by the Permanent Committee for Human Rights Defense to the government -and to those this didn't pay attention - they say:

Santa Fé de Bogotá D.C.

February 17th, 1998

Doctor Gilberto Echeverri Mejía

Minister of National Defense.

We hereby send to you copies of the communication sent to this office through doctor Fausto Rubén Díaz Rodríguez, president of the Superior Tribunal of the Judicial District, in which he denounces the presence and criminal activities of paramilitary groups denominated Peasants Self-defenses of Cordoba and Uraba in the region of the Ariari and Self-defenses for Colombia in the municipality of Castillo, department of Meta.

In a reserved way we request you to order the Military Forces the persecution and disolution of the mentioned groups, in execution of Ordinance 2895 of 1997 and the orientations given by the sir President of the Republic with relationship to the sanctions to the paramilitary groups, and so that the due protection is offered to the judicial officials and the population of the Ariari, with the purpose of preventing new massacres in the department of Meta.

Without further ado, we subscribe of the sir Minister of National Defense.

Missive sent to President Samper.

The missive sent to president Samper textually says:
Santa Fé de Bogotá D.C. March 26th, 1998
Doctor Ernesto Samper Pizano
President of the Republic
We remit hereby the communication that through our Committee direct the inhabitants of the inspections of Buenos Aires, El Anzuelo, Puerto Siare, Puerto Alvira and Puerto Trujillo, municipality of Mapiripan, department of Meta, in which they denounce the criminal activities of paramilitary groups denominated United Self-defenses that occupy the Inspection of La Cooperativa without there is any authority to impede it, before which we request the sir Minister of the Defense the persecution of the paramilitary group in accusation of the month of January.

Considering the graveness of the exposed situation by the accusation signatories, we manifest the sir President of the Republic his support to our application so that immediately the Military Forces proceed to the repression and dissolution of the United Self-defenses of Colombia group that operates in this region of the country in execution of the Ordinance 2895 of 1997 and the presidential Directive number 07 of the month of June 1997.

In order to prevent the execution of new massacres of those that have happened in the last months in these inspections, we subscribe the sir President of the Republic. Making echo of the accusations presented by human rights organisms, the People's Defensoría, sent an official statement in which says:
"The warnings didn't serve, the Defensoría alerts didn't serve, the letters didn't serve, the official statements didn't serve, the massacre has happened, Puerto Alvira peasants are dead or crying to their dear relatives". Castro reiterated his accusations on other announced massacres. He indicated that in towns like Alone, in the department of Caqueta; Paratebueno, in Cundinamarca, Simiti, in the department of Bolivar, there could happen massacres like those of Puerto Alvira.

When making his new accusation, the People's Defensoría remembered that in 1997 a total of 288 slaughters were registered in the country that left 1.228 deads and a million 200 thousand displaced people.
These accusations were also supported by the UN's high commissioned for the human rights, Almudena Mazarrasa who said that the Army is responsible for omission, because the same Peasant Self-defenses of Cordoba and Uraba (Accu) that last Monday murdered 21 people in Mapiripan, made a similar act ten months ago and announced that the slaughter would be repeated .


Paramilitaries besiege in Cundinamarca

Last Thursday it didn't still finish speaking about the massacre of Puerto Alvira in the Meta, when another accusation was already known on new crimes made by the paramilitaries in Cundinamarca.
The People's Defensoría made make to know accusations on the identified action of 200 paramilitaries with bracelets of the Peasants Self-defense of Cordoba and Uraba who murdered in the outskirts of Paratebueno (Cundinamarca) three peasants accused of being guerrilla's helpers."
According to the accusation made before the Defensoria, these crimes were executed with the acquiescence and/or collaboration of the Police and the National Army."
The paramilitaries since last October 26 are in this region and they are financed by an esmeralderos group who have properties in the area, among them the big criminal Victor Carranza, currently detainee.

The satate gets worse its paramilitary offensive.

The paramilitarism is sowing terror in the civilian population of the whole country. The state has defined to get worse its offensive. It has found that it can camouflage its terrorist politics under this modality. To the facts of this week in the Meta and Cundinamarca there are others that express how everything is part of a single criminal orientation:
- In the influence area of the Guatape, Las Playas, Jaguas, San Carlos and Calderas hydroelectric plants, antioqueño east, the paramilitaries arrived since February, installing redyes and killing peasants. Official sources speak of 7 peasants murdered in San Rafael. Now 1.310 people play the first massive exodus in the east of Antioquía. They are already 13 the empty sidewalks in San Rafael. The inhabitants of El Topacio, Puente Tierra, El Diamante, El Ingenio, Las Flores, Florida, Golgota, Agua Bonita, La Iraca, Las Divisas, La Mesa, El Chico and San Julian left frightened to the urban helmet.
- In the Cari Care trail, one kilometer far from the Caribbean Troncal, in the jurisdiction of Riohacha, Guajira, there were four murdered people.
- In Dabeiba, the governor of an indigenous reservation belonging to the Embera tribe, in Antioquía, was murdered at the beginning of the week by the paramilitaries, who forced all the members of the community to abandon their lands.
- In Timbio, Cauca, they murdered a teacher when it went out of a meeting with several family parents, in the school of the sidewalk La Banda.

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Week from 3 to 9 May 1998
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