Terror in the volcanoes land.

It's October 15th, 1979.
Washington blocks the construction of the popular government in El Salvador by means of a military coup in which it achieves that the Reconstruction Civic-Military Junta substitutes the dictator Carlos Humberto Romero. With the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and flourishing social movements in El Salvador, United States sits in the power Guillermo Ungo(socialdemocrat), Mayora Christian Quirós(christian democrat), Mariano Andina(linked to the most intolerant managerial sectors) and José Napoleón Duarte (future president).

The first actions of the Junta are carried out in order to preserve the power of the &fourteen families" that control the economic power, to dissolve a corrupt Parliament and the Supreme Tribunal and to continue disappearing activists and political opponents. Parallelly it established agrarian reforms that became diluted with the time.

Constant human rights defender, Monsignor Romero continued fighting for the justice against a junta that was not very different in methods to those of Carlos Humberto Romero's dictatorship.

"Soldier, you're not forced to obey an order agianst God's law"

"You could kill me, but the voice of justice, nobody can kill it anymore"

"Nobody has to fulfill an immoral law. Realize that it's time to retrieve your conscience. So, in the name of God, in the name of this suffering people, whose laments ascend until the Sky every day more, I beg you, I request you, I order you in the name of God: cease the repression"

We are in 1980. Óscar Arnulfo Romero is killed on March 23th, by a bullet in his heart while he celebrated a mass in the hospital where he resided by a profascist commando. In March 25th, in his funeral, the junta continued the violence murdering 40 people and leaving 300 wounded.

Massacres, the 75 thousand dead, death squads would later arrive and with them the hemoglobin-flavored applauses from Washington.

John Paul II, who had admonished Romero because of his social work, is the voluntarily silent witness of the murder.

Romero, Óscar Arnulfo (1917-1980).

He was born in Ciudad Barrios. Studied with the claretianos and at the Rome Gregorian University between 1937 and 1944. He was ordered priest at 25 years old.

He ran the Catholic weekly publication Chaparras-tique. He was archbishop of San Salvador since 1977 until 1980. He was distinguished for the defense of the humble ones, the rejection of violence and the love to the justice, for what he was accused of subversive. He received the Peace Prize in 1980 and that same year was proposed for the Nobel Prize of Peace. Presided over the Salvadoran Episcopal Conference and was named honoris causes doctor for the Universities of Lovaina and Georgetown. He died murdered in March 1980 by four unknown related with the hard-rightwing in San Salvador, while celebrating the mass.
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