The neoliberal fury that privatizes everything.
Yaotl Àltan

In Mexico, the privatization era began in 1982. It's 17 years, until 1999, of deterioration of the national economy, weak purchasing possibilities, loss of national sovreignity, crisis after crisis and impunity, thus demonstrating that privatizations, in general terms, have been a disaster since they have not removed neither corruption nor the self-interested beaviour of trade unions..

The minimum wage is USD$3.3, with which we can not buy many things. Of course, rulers eran much, much more than that.

As a result of compromisesreached between the government of Mexico and World Bank authorities, the privatizer furty attacks now the UNAM. Nevertheless, the largest fraud in Mexico's history, FOBAPROA, by which the people of Mexico has to pay more than USD$ 66 000 000 000 over the next 3 generations, now the free education is on the lookout by the capital masters by means of three civil servants located in the adjacent figure. From left to right appear: war criminal Ernesto Zedillo, known by his repressive policy in Chiapas; UNAM principal, Barnés, who opposes a solution for the conflict and Francisco Labastida, former governor of Sinaloa and former Secretary of Governing, known by his worse results against drug dealers and in favour of repression in Chiapas.

It's not only the electrical industry, but the public hospitals, social security, and now, even education. All the goals reached through sacrifice years by the people of Mexico are now threatened by the "new world order" (that in fact, it's just the old world order). Historical sons of the Chicago and Oxford schools, and not not keeping with the 200-years ignorant capitalismo disaster they watch the chance to convert in merchandise even the smallest service to which people has right to.

They count with with mass-media launching hate campaigns against social fighters and against those of us who oppose to the use of force and money to impose over the thought. Lying, both today and yesterday, they try to change the current reality, fabricating a spurious fable from which they feed.

They don't present arguments, neither alternatives, just insults and qualifying adjectives for México's thinking youth. The one that rebels against free education removal. The one that is opposed to watch how our youth is low-level personnel of multinational firms.

We've got to change this system where the poors supports the richs, by means of study, work, consciousness, and the constant critic so as avoid falling into the mind tramps of the money masters.

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