Funds for genocide
Guillermo Almeyra.

Four years ago, in April, half a million Rwandans were killed especially by machetes. In a study, up until now reserved, commissioned by United Nations to Pierre Galand, president of the Belgian Cooperation Center for Development (CNCD) and to the Canadian economist Michel Chossudovsky, permitted both studious to have access to reserved documents of the World Bank and to prove that this financed that genocide. The Belgian Senate, the past December 6th, published a study as part of the report of a Belgian parliamentary commission on the massacres of Rwanda (ex Belgian colony, the same as Burundi and the ex Zaire). According to the report for the UN, the Rwandan government devoted systematically 50 percent of the international loans for the development to arm their army and the hutu militias Interahamwe, that would accomplish the massacre. The structural adjustment plan established by the World Bank was applied, furthermore, in full genocide and money remained to arrangement of the government of Rwanda in the Lambert Bank of Brussels until a month after the massacre.

Before 1990 the external financing was serving for accurate projects, well controllable. After that date, when globalization was imposed in Africa, it served on the other hand for reequilibrating the balance of payments, which gave an important maneuver margin to the local authorities that in four years multiplied by 11 their armed forces (that went from 5 thousand to 55 thousand soldiers) and created a militia of 17 thousand men. Three fourths of the financing of the World Bank served for this purpose and the government, with the tacit complicity of the international officials, made to happen as civil vehicles for rural transportation the armored cars and troop transportation, while Félicien Kabuga, finacerr of Radio Thousand Hills, that organized the genocide, bought 25 thousand tons of machetes nobody surprised on that quantity. Only when they had been already murdered 500 thousand persons, United Nations froze the funds for an "exemplary", well disciplined, that was voting of a manner "politically correct" government in the General Assembly and that was applying the recommended policy by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and was defending the full free market ideas.

Agree to recall these data after the visit to the black continet OF THE NEW ESCIPIÓN, Clinton the African. This joined, in effect, with the leadres of Rwanda, of Burundi, of Congo (ex Zaire) and with those of Senegal (whose elite troops are trained by the Pentagon, while before the tiralleurs senégalais had been troops of shock of the French army) and, of course, with the presidents of the English-speaking countries of the region. The attempt of displacing and replacing the frenchbelgian influence in the African continent appears visible in this trip or in the support (through saudis, who finance the fundamentalist Algerian terrorist) to the struggles against North Africa's profrecnh governments. If we also analize the support of the Department of State to Turkey (against Cyprus, Greece, the European Union) in spite of the Kurds massacre and of the tortures and violations of the international legality, if it is thought about the rearm by the Turks and the Izbegovich's government USies for future massacres of serbians in Bosnia, if it is considered the effort of unstabilization of the Yugoslavija Federation government in the case of the serbian region Kosovo and in the exercised pressure above all Balkans, it is seen that Washington policy is going directed, in every weak point of the old continent politics, against France (that supports Belgrade and tried to stop Izbegovich) and against the European unit. We register the fact that those which proclaimed the definitive victory of peace and of democracy, as the Triad governments (USA, Japan, UE) and in particular that of Washington, appeal to the low blows and this develops a world strategy that, as in the case of Rwanda in 1994, includes the purportedly aseptic financial organization, as the World Bank.

We equally prove that these recommend and impose an always antisocial policy and sometimes criminal, in exclusive benefit of the sharks, the largest of those which, as we know, it's called by the others "Uncle Sam".

Taken from "La Jornada" Sunday April 12th, 1998


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