The fascist steps of the neoliberal progress
Emilio Krieger

Neither six complete months lasted the zedillist attempt of democratic progress of the current regime when before a strong rejection from the great majority of Mexicans, was forced to accept the rejection of the neoliberal policy, autocratic, militaristic, antipopular and "entreguista" that, in generalized and glamorous form, expressed the citizenship, electoral route, in July 6th, 1997. We all felt in the innocen believing that plutocracya in power had recognized in good faith its rout and was opening the doors to a ``general independent Legislative Power and to an autonomous political managing of the Federal District''.

Some encouraging improvement indexes showed in horizon, but the motives of citizen happinses by the electoral victory didn't last so much. By one side, Zedillo his followers showed their decision of continuing the economic policy traced by the USA interest and were pawned in maintain a microeconomics of penury and unemployment for the huge majorities and, simultaneously, to continue with a benefit macroeconomics and aid to the interest of the large national and foreign entrepreneurs. It was maintained a privatization and delivery line of important national resources to put them at the disposal of the global interests injuring the standard of living of the national majorities and of the sovereignty of the country.

Furthermore, the strengthening of the militarism and reinforcement of the internal repression lines that do not affect the big military politicians, and the extrems of pretorian barbarism to those which we have arrived, drew black clouds on the purportedly democratic purposes of the ``salinozedillista" regime. The lack of intention to solve the Chiapas conflict, the continuation of neoliberalism and the strengthening of military repression against the people, were symptoms that determined a very high degree of distrust in many million of Mexicans.

The incredibleness degree that falls over government acquires a maximum level as compared to the "inverecunda" version of the fact that the assignment assassinations in Chenalhó against 45 tzotziles indians had to be internal divergences that were dividing the victimized communities. With the launching of that version, Zedillo, Chuayffet and Madrazo become accomplices of a criminal attempt of acquitting the civil officials and soldiers, local or federal, that participated in the clear fascist and paramilitary dye attempt of December 22th.

After the brutal slaughter and the exonerating version of Zedillo, Chuayffet and Madrazo, nobody with clean conscience and opened mind will be able to return to rely on a government ferociously anti-popular, anti-indigenous and consecrated to serve foreign capitalistic interests.

It is necessary to emphasize that the political force of popular support that EZLN has achieved, is a huge reinforcement after its brave attribution of responsibility that corresponds to the government in the slaughter of Chenalhó; the massacre and the exonerating governmental version have been translated politically in a strengthening of theEZLN .

It equally grows the political profile of Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas who has find the just road for, without impairing his governing position, won in the urns, to exercise his citizen right of demanding an investigation of the real causes of the brutal assault and the legal, political and moral punishment of direct responsibles, instigators and intellectual actors, among those appear public officials and militants of the tri-colored party.

Unfortunately, 1998 will be begun in Mexico with a large and painful struggle between dinosaurs, priists, salinozedillistas neoliberals, submitted soldiers, paramilitary, bankers, financial and investors and, on the other hand, the more than 80 million of Mexicans in the penury, in the dispossession, in the indispensable goods lack and victims of a violent repression of the armed forces; million of compatriots see with deep sadness that the part of the country that let Santa Anna today goes acceleratedly delivered to the large interest of the globalization.

Neither the people of Mexico nor the world public opinion accept already the official version of Zedillo, Chuayffet and Madrazo respect the Chiapas slaughter, neither accept that the solution of the low Mexican majority standards of living is going to arrive by work and grace of the globalizator neoliberalism with which today is disguised the traditional capitalistic development against all the poors and all the workers of the world.

Taken from:
La Jornada, January 8th, 1998.

Most recent revision: May 19, 2002