I n the Aztec culture death had a special meaning since it was considered that the dead traveled to a mystical place, Mictlan, the land of the dead. There, the life developed under other conditions, which depended on the person behavioral during his/her earthly life. The god of deathWhile this transition was carried out, familiar and friends of the deceased prayed to Mictlantecuhtli and Mictlancihuatl, husband and wife gods created by Quetzalcoatl and Hitzilopochtli commissioned with the travel of the dead through different Mictlan passages. Mictlantecuhtli is represented by a skull or a sekeleton, with yellow spots, that mean rot. Their temple was the seventh Tenochtitlan's ceremonial center, called Tlaxico, "navel of the land" and there, in their honour, a captive of month títitl was killed.

Aztec beliefs, as many other beliefs in Mesoamerica would be severely attacked by the jewish-christian traditions brought by Spaniards to America. However, in spite of 5 forgetfulness centuries, death in Latin America continues surrounded of a very peculiar vision, especially in the indigenous communities where this fact does not imply the let of living but to transcend into another dimension and the begining of a new life. A new life that doesn't arrive to the outcasts of our individualistic society, of these toxic metropolis without respect to the environment, where the human values pass to a second place. In this type of societies, in those which supermodels earn more than a university teacher, where a sportsman earns monthly more than a peasant in all his life, there's the need of urgent changes. Education is destined only for a few, for the economically high class in order to preserve its privileges and to maintain immersed in ignorance and Mictlantecuhtli's wifealienation million of persons that only are labor force and potential consumers. Thus, the Third World development is a joke that is inexorably deferred and that reborns in mouth of politicians.

Why must we resign with this so unjust and unequal situation? Why must we continue supporting with our silence this world based over gold and shit? Each day we lose the amazement capacity before the daily hungry children, epidemics, wars, distressing panoramas images whose pain we alleviate opening our refrigerator or just changing the TV channel.Each time we shall think that there are thousands and thousands of people disputing food with animals, between garbage, with the sadness of knowing that they are the "select" excluded members of a system that reduces them to statistics, without past neither future. Numbers for the international organizations, symbolic and ineffectual, lacking of self-criticism but plenty full with broken promises. It's so easy to give a coin to the beggars instead of resigning the materialism that creates them! Social inequalities are not solved with TV long shows, vulgar examples of television paraphernalia and marketing aspirins that evade reality instead of attacking the problems in depth, in a radical way.

Because of this, this page acquires the name "La Revolución de Mictlantecuhtli" ("Mictlantecuhtli's Revolution"). Because it's not the same the murdered priest by defending Human Rights than the allied to the power priest. Because it's not the same the popular government build up worker than the worker who votes in favor of the oligarch "stability". It's a homage to those cultures, people and groups destroyed by totalitarianism. It's a homage to the men and women who are and have been worthy examples of freedom and justice for all.

Their seed and their struggle are inside us.


Most recent revision: August 23th, 2002