Chile passes through Neruda's poetry.
Salvador Allende.

"Dear compatriots: the Nobel prize has been asigned to a chilean, to Pablo Neruda. This award, that incorporates immortality to one of our men, is the victory of Chile and his people, and also of Latin America".

"This extraordinary and meaningful distinction could and must be reached by Neruda years ago, this without detriment of the work or literary merit of those who got it".

"Nevertheless, in this moment it's for us also an obbligation, remembering that Chile is land of poets, to remember the recollection of that woman who also reached the Nobel prize in Literature, Gabriela Mistral, to indicate that in both work background there is a deep human and social content".

"By the way, this is not opportunity for indicating or outlining though it was in a very shallow form Pablo Neruda's work, whose prodigious imagination reaches every aspect of man's life, I want to emphasize that nothing has escaped to the imagination of this our poet. His books and poetries are translated since time ago to all the languages. However, it is useful to say that this is the prize to the poet committed with his people, the one who has promenaded in his verses a meaningful phase of his task; therefore it is natural that in this hour the people celebrate with greater happiness their compatriot, their brother."

"Neruda, an eminent humanist who has narrated with beauty the man anxiety before the existence; whole Chile passes through Neruda's poetry, with its rivers, its mountains, its torrid deserts and eternal snows, but above all the things, there is the man and the woman and by this reason love and social struggle are present."

"I reiterate that the distinction granted to Neruda is for us, the distinction that Chile reaches, all the Chileans. It is unquestionably a just patriotic and national sense the one which in this instant expresses by me, its satisfaction".

"However, we should not fail to indicate that Pablo Neruda, Ambassador of the Popular Government in France, has been during all his existence a soldier with a firm ideological position, militant of one of the parties that integrate the Popular Unit, and active member of it."

"I personally have very special motives to feel in this instant touched by this distinction granted to Pablo, with who I participated in the popular combats during so many years. It was a companion of many tours in the North, Center and South of Chile. I always recall with emotion how the people that was listening our political speeches, was listening with emotion and in abeyant silence the reading that Pablo was making with his verses. It was great for me to see the people's sensibility, and how the poet verses fell in the heart and in the conscience of the Chilean multitudes."

"Therefore, I send him from here Chile's people fraternal hug by me". Poet Neruda's quality, our country with its Popular Government and the Communist Party of Chile are recognized.

"In a fact that exalts a man who is Ambassador of Chile in France, representing Popular Government word".

"We are enthusiastic because it is recognized, I repeat, the poet's quality but also other topics. I think happiness is unanimous".

President Allende's letter upon winning Neruda the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1970s.


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