The gallery of Salvador Allende
For Chile I

Harangue to the Chilen people. During the Inauguration of Che Guevara Camp . With the Chilean National Soccer Team. The 1972 civilian-military cabinet. Met with Chilan children.
Allende and Lafferté at the Caupolicán Theatre; Santiago, 1952. Allende and Lafferté; Magallanes, 1952. With Manuel Rodríguez (left) and Principa Edgardo Enríquez. Greeting of the elect President. November 3th, 1970: He's invested with the Presidential Band. Behind him, Frei (father).
Rodomiro Tomic, candidate of the Christian Democracy, recognizes Allende's victory. 1970. Allende friend of the Chilean people. Everybody clapping. With José Tohá, Minister of Interior, one of his most efficient collaborators. The first cabinet of the Popular Government. (Stand, from left to right.:) Jaime Suárez, Secretary of Government; Orlando Canturrias, Mining; Jacques Chonchol, Farming; José Oyarce, Work; Humberto Martones, Land and Colonization; Oscar Jiménez, Wealth; Carlos Cortés, Housing. (Sit, from left to right:)Alejadro Ríos, Defense; Mario Astroga, Education; Pedro Vuskovic, Economy; José Tohá, Interior; Clodomiro Almeyda, Foreign Affairs; Américo Zorrilla, Treasury; Lisandro Cruz, Justice and Pascual Barraza, Public Works.

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