The gallery of Salvador Allende
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Visit to the Independence Monument in Mexico, DF, 1972. Allende and Chancellor Clodomiro Almeyda visit the monument to the Liberator Simón Bolívar. Bogotá, Colombia, 1971 Chancellor Almeyda and President Allende in the Juárez Semicircle, DF, Mexico, 1972. At Lima airport, Perú. Greeting the president of Venezuela, Rafael Caldera.
From right to left.: mexican president Luis Echeverría, President Allende, Mrs. Hortencia Bussi de Allende and Echeverría's wife. Warm recepction from the mexicn people to Allende. Chile and México: two brother peoples. With José Ma. Velasco Ibarra, President of Ecuador. With the President of Ecuador, Velasco. Quito, 1972.
A homage for José Gabriel Tupac Amaru. 1971 With members of the Chinese People Cultural Association with the Foreign. 1954. With Tito, of Yugoslavia. With Tito, of Yugoslavia, in Beograde, 1966. With Fidel Castro, of Cuba

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