Social processes aren't stopped, neither by crime, nor by force.
Salvador Allende.

This will be the last chance in which I can speak to you. The Air Force has bombed Radio Portales and Radio Corporación towers. My words has no sorrow but, deception and they will be, the moral punishment for those who have betrayed the oath they made. Soldiers of Chile, official commanders-in-chief, Admiral Merino who has self-designated, plus mister Mendoza, despicable General, who yesterday expressed his fidelity and loyalty to the government, has also self-denominated Carabineros General Principal.

Before these facts I only have to tell the workers: I will not resign, put on a historical position I will pay with my life the loyalty of the people and I tell you that I have the certainty of the seed we delivered to the conscience, deigns of thousands and thousands of Chileans, they will be able to subdue us, but social processes aren't stopped, neither by crime, nor by force. History is ours and the peoples make it.

Workers of my fatherland, I want to thank you the loyalty that always had for me, the confidence you deposited in a man who only was interpreter of large longings of justice; who pawned his word and would observe the Constitution and the law, and thus he made it. At this time definitive, the last in which I could direct to you, I hope that you take advantage of the lesson. The foreign capital, the imperialism, united to the reaction created the atmosphere so that the armed forces, broke their tradition: the one which Schneider indicates them and that reaffirmed Commandant Araya, victim of the same social sector, that today they will be in their houses waiting with foreign hand to reconquer the power in order to continue defending their profits and their privileges.

I address especially to the modest woman of our land to the peasant, who believed in us; to the worker who worked more, to the mother who knew about our worry for the children; I speak to the professional patriots, those who some days ago were working against the sedition sponsored by the professional associations, class associations to defend also the advantages that the capitalistic society imposed them; I address to the youth, those who sang, who delivered their happiness and struggle spirit. I speak to Chile's man, worker, peasant, intellectual. Those who will be pursued, because in our country the fascism was already present many hours ago; the terrorist attempts, bombing the bridges, cutting the railway lines, destroying pipelines and the gas lines. Before the silence of those who had the obligation of proceed...

History will judge them; Radio Magallanes will be certainly silenced and the quiet metal of my voice will not arrive to you. It doesn't matter, you will continue hearing me, I always will be close to you, at least my memory, the one that of a worthy man who was loyal.

The people must defend itself but not sacrifice it self.

The people should not let subdue neither riddle, but they should neither humble.

Workers of my fatherland. I have faith in Chile and in its destination. Ot will surpass another men this bitter and gray moment where perfidy intends be imposed. You continue knowing than better late than never, again, the large avenues will be opened, by where the free man passes, to build a better society.

¡¡Long life Chile!!
¡¡Long life the people!!
¡¡Long life the workers!!

These are my last words, I have the certainty of the fact that my sacrifice will not be in vain. I have the certainty of the fact that at least, it will be a moral lesson that will punish the felony, the cowardice and the perfidy.

Last message to the Nation by President Allende; 11-IX-1973             Start me up!. Español
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