The Decision Machine, piece by piece.
Guillermo Toriello.

Junio 17th, 1954

The Lie Machine, piece by piece.

Guatemala City
Guatemala's Reconquest

Guatemala has no planes nor anti-aircraift battery, so USA's pilots, on USA's planes, bomb all the country with comfort.

A powerful CIA broadcasting station, installed on the USA's ambassy roof terrace, spread condusion and panic all over the country: the Lie Machine notifies world that that was the rebel radio, The Freedom Voice, transmiting from the Guatemala's jungle the triumphal march of Colonel Castillo Armas. Meanwhile, Castillo Armas, set with his troops in a United Fruit planctation in Honduras, wait for the Lie Machine orders .

Árbenz's goverment attends, paralized, its own cave-in. Air bombings arrive to the capital city and smashes the compustible depots. Government is limited to bury the dead ones. The mercenary army, God, the Motherland, Freedom, crosses the border. It doesn't find any resistence. Due to money or fear, the military chiefs gice up their troops without shoting a bullet. A 20 aged argentinian medical, Ernesto Guevara, tries, in vain, to organize popular defence at the capital: he doesn't how nor with to do it. Unprepared militias, disarmed, roam by streets. When Árbenz orders, finally, to open arsenals, officials refuse to obbey. One of these gloomy days and without greatness, Guevara suffers an asthma and indignation attack; and one midnight , finally, after two weeks of bombings, president Árbenz goes slowly downstairs the National Palace front steps, crosses the street and asks assylum in the Ambassy of México.

Guatemala City

Gautemala's archbishop announces: I admire the sincere and burning patriotism of president Castillo Armas. In a great jabber atmosphere, Castillo Armas receives the Pope's ambassador benediction, monsignor Genaro Verrolino.

President Eisenhower congratulates at the White House the CIA's responsibles. He tells them: Thank you for the elimination of a soviet headbeach.

CIA's chief, Allen Dulles, entrusts a journalist of «Time» magazine the redaction of a new Constitution for Guatemala.

«Time» magazine publishes a poem of USA ambassador's wife. The poem says that Mr. and Mrs. Peurifoy are "optimistic" because Guatemala is no more "comunistic".

During the first meeting with the ambassador after the victory, president Castillo Armas expresses his worry about the insufficiency of local prissions, that they don't dispose of the necessary cells celdas necesarias to enclose the communists. According to the lists sent from Washington for the State Department, the Guatemalan communists add 72,000.

It is celebrated a holiday in the embassy. Four hundred Guatemalan guests sing to choir the anthem of the United States of America.

Guillermo Toriello was diplomatic representative of the revolutionary governments of Guatemala between 1944 and 1954. He occupied various charges in the foreign service of his country: it was Ambassador in the United States, Ambassador before the OAS, President of the delegation of Guatemala before the UN and Chancellor of Guatemala.

From these posts and in variou tribunes, he defended the right to Guatemala to its autodetermination and fought against the USA intervention that it peaked with the coup d'état of June 17th, 1954 that it has cost to the country more than 100 dead thousand.


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